Audit reports, news headlines about data breaches, and that unsettling feeling in the back of your mind that you aren’t worried anymore about *if* someone can steal the data you protect… but if you would even notice it happening.

Sounds like a perfect time to talk to DPS about XFiltrator: a web-enabled service for on-demand testing of data exfiltration and monitoring/detection gaps and vulnerabilities.

These tests are crafted and updated by our own expert penetration testers, and utilize a variety of techniques and obfuscation methods to truly exercise your detection and data loss prevention capabilities… with the click of a button.


  • Exercises network security devices (detection / prevention) capabilities
  • Performs a variety of tests to elude and evade egress filtering and other firewall technologies
  • Provides a meaningful, “live fire”, mechanism to test SOC Incident Response capabilities and SOPs
  • Utilizes a modular design to allow for easy updating/integrations
  • Handles multiple communication methods (HTTPS, HTTP, TCP, UDP, etc…)
  • Enables testing of lateral movement/pivot within an environment