As the threat landscape continues to evolve, cybersecurity grows both more critical to the mission and complex to manage. Federal agencies of all sizes need to dramatically improve real-time threat detection and incident response capabilities, but are challenged in bringing together the right technology, talent, and approaches to provide sustainable 24x7x365

  • The timespan separating exploited vulnerability and compromised mission is shrinking dramatically
  • High demand for cybersecurity talent leads to increased labor costs and weaker talent pools
  • Dissemination and operationalization of threat intelligence is difficult to maintain
  • Competing claims, and a rapidly evolving risk landscape make it difficult to deploy the right mix of cybersecurity protections
  • New threats emerge daily, spreading globally in seconds
  • Security Operations Centers (SOC) struggle to keep pace and the consistency and accuracy of alerts and timely detection is lacking
  • Real security attacks do not discriminate against agency size. Smaller agencies face the same challenges as larger agencies, yet have to defend with smaller IT teams at a fraction of the budget. But even the largest, well-invested agencies, with larger security teams lack the most sophisticated and vigilant cybersecurity capabilities. Without the ability to scale security capabilities in a flexible, “as-a-service” delivery modality, your cybersecurity operations will always be one step behind.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) from Defense Point Security brings together best of-breed technologies, highly specialized skill sets that leverage artificial intelligence paired with Security Automation and Orchestration (SA&O), and established best practices to provide end- to-end, integrated threat monitoring and incident response. It is designed from the ground-up by cyber defenders to meet the specialized and demanding requirements of U.S. federal agencies. Delivered as a managed service, it makes 24x7x365 protection both comprehensive and cost-effective. MDR takes both defensive and proactive cybersecurity technologies to provide lightweight, automated, remote response support.

MDR builds upon Accenture’s global leadership in cybersecurity innovation as well as our ongoing engagements with numerous federal agencies to help maintain a best-in-class security posture at a sustainable cost. As a Managed Service, we provide:

  • Cybersecurity Professionals – Multidisciplinary teams with diverse skillsets that work together to quickly address a wide variety of real-time threats. We recruit the industry’s best talent and invest in continuous training to help you take advantage of economies of scale.
  • Established Best Practices – Our methodology encompasses both federal requirements as well as emerging best practices, accelerating our ability to detect and respond to both known and unknown threats.
  • Industry-leading Technologies – Taking advantage of our global partnerships, we bring together the most innovative technologies to meet the widest array of threats and attacks. MDR is a full-stack approach that ensures attack-chain visibility for continuous endpoint monitoring, proactive threat mitigation and vulnerability protection. This integrated approach can provide more cost-effective and complete coverage. Many federal clients have reported savings of 50% or more using MDR from Accenture Federal Services.


  • Combat adversaries with industry-leading technologies to maintain and evolve its security consoles, and detect and response capabilities
  • Early detection of security threats
  • Transform legacy Security Operations Centers (SOC) into proactive intelligence-driven detect, hunt, and automated response capabilities
  • Scalable for small, medium and large federal agencies
  • Meets federal requirements and standards
  • Services are tool-agnostic, meaning all services are easy to integrate
  • Dramatically improves agency’s risk posture with reduce downtime risk
  • Open architecture – easily integrates into existing security fabric than can be used to supplement existing efforts
  • Artificial Intelligence through the use of Machine Learning and an extensive content library
  • Enhance workflows, automate security playbooks with Security Automation and Orchestration (SA&O) as a cyber workforce amplifier
  • Gain access to experienced cyber professionals, expanding an agency’s internal team capabilities


  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Incident Response
  • Tool-based cyber threat intelligence monitoring
  • Incident remediation and containment consulting
  • Digital malware analysis
  • Cyber Threat Emulation
  • Adversarial Simulation
  • Cyber Threat Hunting

Using our decades of experience and expertise in cyber security, Accenture’s solution is compliant with federal regulations an industry standards such as the National Institute of Standards (NIST), and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Accenture is an industry leader in designing and implementing innovation cyber security services and solutions, with a dense portfolio of government and commercial clients. MDR offers a unique value proposition for the federal sector – giving SMBs the opportunity and resources to combat potential threats on par with large agencies. Not only is MDR outcome focused, it’s an adaptive, tool-based approach to threat detection that empowers agencies to protect themselves and respond more effectively. This sophisticated method of event analysis and threat intelligence give agencies the ability to customize their intelligence to fit their mission-specific needs, empowering them to keep pace with threat velocity. Security is more than just compliance; good cybersecurity is dynamic and evolving cyber climate.


  • A leading global professional services company. Serving all 17 Federal cabinet-level agencies and 94 of the Fortune Global 100
  • The only No. 1 integrator for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google
  • IDC World Leader in cloud professional services sector (2016)
  • Gartner Worldwide “Leader” for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Provider
  • Helping 330+ clients around the world strengthen their cyber posture
  • 1 billion+ endpoints managed
  • 4000+ global security professionals providing end-to- end security capabilities from consulting to managed security services
  • 5 billion+ raw security events processed daily
  • 350+ cybersecurity patents
  • Provided management and control for 20,000+ cloud computing instances