With the emergence of new threats and growing frequency of incidents, organizations must find innovative ways to not only secure their sensitive data, but have the proper capability to identify and respond to these incidents. However, budgets, expertise, as well as a host other factors may make it preferable to utilize an external service as needed.

When contracting with DPS our customers have the option of incorporating our Malware Analysis Service Team (MAST), in addition to employing our Digital Media Analysis (DMA) analysts’ knowledge and skill onsite. Utilizing MAST enables access to a centralized, DPS operated, service staffed by U.S. senior DMA analysts — focusing on curating our library of internal indicators (STIX, Open IOC), performing expert malware analysis & reverse engineering, and recommending appropriate countermeasures for our customers.

If an organization is unable to perform analysis on potential malware, or would like a second opinion / analysis including context from other participants, they can submit the sample to our MAST team for analysis / reference our internal indicator library to identify if the sample is already known.

A distinct advantage to our customers who participate in this submission service, is the ability to gain more insight and potential indicators to monitor for from other participants via our internal repository, while maintaining their organization’s privacy enforced through NDAs and contracts that ensure DPS will not share or aggregate any data about our customers — our information come solely from the malware itself, not any attributable data points. 

Here are some of the key capabilities provided through this service offering:

  • Static Malware Analysis
  • Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • Informative Report Generation
  • Email Notifications
  • Data Filtering
  • Documentation
  • Malware Repository
  • Indicator Generation/Sharing