Defense Point Security has the proven track record and expertise to perform all needed Computer Network Defense (CND) capabilities. Our knowledgeable staff of security analysts have experience in performing monitoring, analysis, and incident response capabilities for a wide range of customers. DPS understand the Cyber Security challenges faced by our customers, particularly pertaining to the ever-present threat landscape that has continually increased over the past several years.

DPS has the operational and management expertise needed to provide 24x7x365 support for all Security Operation Center (SOC) responsibilities, including a specialized focus in the following areas:

Our CND capability also includes providing vulnerability assessment and other key security operations focused services.

Our CND capability includes the evaluation of suspicious events, performing pattern and trend analysis, advanced analytics, and the fusion of analysis with cyber threat indicators. DPS focuses on threats present both inside and outside networks, and responds to events that indicate a potential compromise or threat to the network. Depending on the type of incident and based on the needs of the customer, our analysts categorize and escalate incidents to full resolution.

DPS provides expertise in performing Insider Threat Mitigation. Attention needs to be given to not only external threats, but also internal threats that may lurk within your organization. Inside threats are very real and cost a company not only financial but also legal troubles depending on the information that is leaked. DPS specializes in a type of computer forensics known as Digital Media Analysis (DMA) that can and should precede the traditional search-and-seizure approach. Management and incident responders need timely information to triage an incident, determine whether a security incident has even occurred, whether user workstations should be confiscated for weeks, etc.

Our dedicated research and development (R&D) lab and malware analysis network, enables strategic resources to research and publish content that can be utilized by all of DPS’s CND analyst and security professionals in order to deliver world-class security operations support to our customer base. DPS has developed a Crowd Sourced Intelligence system that further expands our CND capability.