Why pay for a generic approach and achieve, at best, generic results?  Security funds are too precious to waste on re-implementing a solution to someone else’s problems.

DPS integrates a variety of threat data (both private, open/crowd-sourced) using our own threat intelligence platform.

This is a tailored offering that avoids the pitfalls of many “turn key” solutions.  We know from our own experience within security operations environments just how far short they regularly fall.  Our security engineers and architects have experience supporting and remain active in multiple SOC environments to ensure our platform remains a real-world solution.

DPS is well placed to recognize shortcomings in existing investments, and use our engineering and analysis expertise to bridge those gaps.  We can also work with you to develop a ground-up solution that is tailored to your organization’s real threat surface and risk tolerances.

Highlights of DPS’s solution:

  • Aggregates, curates, and de-duplicates high quality crowd/open source threat intelligence
  • Incorporates additional private/closed source threat intelligence
  • Capitalizes on “Last Mile” integration by DPS Security Engineers
  • Delivers subscribed feeds directly to SOCs using DPS’s Intel Engine Client
  • Our feeds are used within our own DPS Analyst App
  • Delivers insights and value via IOCs and an active curation process from DPS SOCs
  • Allows data analysis to be performed on the threat intelligence itself