Defense Point Security offers a complete, comprehensive, portfolio of security services:

Computer Defense & Response

Defense Point Security has expertise and a proven track record performing all areas of Computer Network Defense (CND). DPS understands the cyber security challenges faced by our customers, particularly pertaining to the ever-changing and persistent threat landscape that has continually increased over the past several years.

Security Engineering & Architecture

Whether a new solution is being designed or existing tools are to be utilized, DPS excels in performing integration of best of breed technologies to allow our customers to realize rapid returns upon their IT investments.

Information Security

Our security professionals have successfully implemented FISMA requirements by reaffirming oversight compliance directed by Federally mandated laws, regulations, and directives that govern development and guidance of federal information system security practices.

Cyber Operations

The best defense isn’t a good offense, it’s a great one. Our highly trained and experienced team conducts offensive operations across a variety of networks and systems, providing ground truth about an environment’s security.

Managed Services

As Cyber Security grows more critical and complex to manage and operate, Defense Point Security, LLC (DPS) has created the DPS SHIELD: a suite of comprehensive Managed Security Services (MSS) customized to protect customer data and systems.

Research and Development

We choose to lead from the front and refuse to become complacent in the constantly evolving cyber security industry. Being in touch with, and delivering, state of the art security services and solutions to our customers pushes DPS to actively participate in the leading edges of security research and development.